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Ribbon of Life - Interruptions
This piece of abstract art in stained glass depicts life (streaky white glass) as it makes twists and turns, loops and folds, being intersected and "Interrupted" by unexpected obstacles, depicted here as various beams of light from multiple directions, some very strong, others subdued and all overlapping as they cross the "Ribbon of Life". Then there are the unpredictable boulders that appear in life which we bump and navigate around, depicted here with the use of "Adventure in Glass Art" Discs, various sizes of discs of bright layers of swirls of color, depicting how different our obstacles can be. (Note: Sun light causes the white "ribbon" glass to be creamy in this photo.) Uniform Lead lines are finished in antique coppery patina, polished and waxed, ready to hang. "Interruptions" is 27+ inches wide and 33+ inches tall, framed in rigid Zinc channel, ready to be hung by small decorative "S" link chains (provided).  Oak Frame may be added for an additional fee.

Price: $795


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