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Stained Glass Art Classes

A great way to learn or advance! Taught privately!

(No Classes will be taught to students under 18 years of age without a parent present.)

Stained Glass Art Class Students

Angela & Kristen, two stained glass students (Mother & Daughter) happy with their completed projects!

Penny F. says: "I needed a refresher course on stained glass window construction.  The Lord led me here.  I found all I was looking for and more!

We (fellow student & friend) were greeted warmly, fed well and kept busy.  I was able to complete both the (Beginner) Basic as well as the Intermediate Stained Glass Class.  As a bonus, because I finished early, I took the opportunity to have Mike show me how to draw up a pattern for my next project!  Way more than I thought I would accomplish in 3 short days."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Goal for You:


After a student has completed both courses at Aire Castle, he or she will have all the knowledge required to be able to create a stained glass window of practically any style, pattern or size, within reason.


It is the goal of Aire Castle to educate each student to the highest degree of their individual capability, to create stained glass art with structural integrity, brilliant color, texture, balance and striking original design.  The success of each Aire Castle student is a bold reflection of our commitment to teaching our students to the very best of our ability.  That is why our classes are so intense and require concentrated student effort.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aire Castle provides "one-on-one" stained glass art classes for persons wanting to learn the craft of creating stained-glass art.

  • Students who live more than an hour away from Aire Castle may want to stay in one of our Bed & Breakfast Guest Rooms.  Mike & Ann have more than 17 years as B&B Innkeepers, having operated two luxurious Bed & Breakfast Inns before relocating to Mayfield Kentucky.
  • Students living local to Aire Castle Inn may arrange to take lessons four hours (minimum) at a time with breaks every two hours.
  • Students are required to pay the entire cost of the course before beginning classes.

Create Your Own: Beginner Class - Aire Castle students first create a five-piece butterfly as their first project. This teaches the student how to handle glass, choose colors and textures, fit glass to patterns, score, run (or break) glass, grind, fit, clean, foil, solder, patina and polish a stained glass piece. This normally takes about 6 hours. Intermediate Class - students will spend the rest of their time (24 to 30 hours) creating a window that will be about 14 inches by 16 inches, or if you choose a square pattern, 15 inches by 15 inches (size varies according to pattern selected by the student).

Rent Work Space: For new stained glass artists living close to Aire Castle who do not have shop space, we will rent table space in our studio for creating windows and other projects by the hour. Call to inquire about rates.



(Occasionally, we have someone who only wants to become familiar with glass art, or "test the waters" so to speak. The Beginner Class is a great way to become familiar, and/or determine if you want to go to the next step, to become a true stained glass artist and develop your own studio.)

(1) Beginner Stained Glass Class - Learning Project teaches basic use of tools and handling glass.  Requires a full six hours (or first day of Weekend Workshop - Very Informative).

(2) Intermediate Stained Glass Classes -  Three full days' workshop continues to develop skills & confidence, improve technique and complete a larger project.



Choose Your Class: One Person Two People
Stained Glass Art Complete Workshop
(Includes both Beginner and Intermediate Classes)
$195 $390
Single Beginner Class $75 $150
Single Intermediate Class $120 $240
*Price listed does not include required room rate. Local motels costs vary.

*Plus cost of glass and supplies used for your projects. Normally runs $25 to $35, but may vary according to the student's choice of glass and if a student chooses a bevel kit for his or her Intermediate Project. (bevel kits costs vary greatly)



What's Included?

Stained Glass Art Class

Requires a four-night, or longer stay in one of our Bed & Breakfast guest rooms (includes breakfast), or at a local lodging facility. "Weekend" can be any 4 consecutive class days of the week, holidays excluded. (Local students may make other arrangements.)


(Note: This Workshop previously required fewer days.  Students were very hard-pressed for time, therefore the reason for extending the Workshop to 4 days.  This requirement is for the student to not be pressed for time. In many cases, our students finish early and therefore may get an early start home, or in most cases, they complete additional projects in the allotted time and get to take home more finished projects.)


The Stained Glass Complete Workshop includes both the Beginner and Intermediate Courses with private training during each session. No large "classroom" environments here!


For Complete Workshop, the estimated value of the stained glass pieces you take home far exceeds the cost of the Workshop fee, depending on your choice of pattern for the intermediate project and the quality of your work.


Students will be allowed additional shop time to complete any projects that are a part of the courses at no additional charge (In other words, if you are running behind, there is no extra fee for extending the time it takes for you to complete your project). Aire Castle wants each student to learn and complete every aspect of each class.  Students will log around 6 hours to complete the Beginner Class project and an additional 24 to 30 hours to complete the Intermediate Class project yielding a total of 30 to 36 hours in the studio over the entire weekend.


This experience is not one of boring demonstration, but a weekend of your hands-on training under our watchful eye and instruction.


"Tom & Dana - Glass Art Students - November 2008"
(Chose their own designs for Intermediate Class)


Beginner Stained Glass Class

~  Includes Initial Six-Hour "Learning Project"!  ~

Note: For any student, this class requires up to a six consecutive hours commitment for this first class.

  • Visual demonstration and instruction to foiling technique
  • Hands-on instruction and practice in the use of tools
  • Create one project - a "five-piece butterfly", night-light or sun-catcher (No substitute patterns - there are reasons we chose this pattern)
  • Two students maximum - Under 18 years of age requires a parent to be present.
  • Six Hours - Three, two-hour sessions, with break*
    (*Break is at discretion of the student - some students may require as little as four hours to complete this class.)

Beginner Class Five Piece Butterfly Project

Intermediate Stained Glass Class

What's It Include?

  • Crash course in the development of patterns

  • Create a project of up to 16" x 14" size, choice of several patterns, or design your own pattern with instructor’s assistance (project size varies per student's choices - purchase a glass bevel kit if you wish, with approval of instructor, see comments below)

  • Full weekend allows you to spend as many hours in the shop as you wish (Aire Castle has found this concentrated effort to be students' best choice - 24 to 30 hours total for the Intermediate Class)

  • Please bring your own lunch, snacks, beverages

  • Breaks - students’ choice - recommend every 2-hours

Click Here to Learn More About Your Instructor, Mike Driver

Additional Package Options

+ + +

"Bevel Clusters" - Students also have the option to use bevel clusters in the Intermediate Class in their larger project.  Cost of the clusters plus shipping charges are added to the total cost of lessons.  Go to www.delphiglass.com to click on "Bevel Clusters" to see many selections. 

(Note: Instructor will not allow you to choose a cluster that is too difficult for your Intermediate Class Project.)

Buying Your Workshop at Wholesale Cost

Aire Castle Stained Glass Art will order a complete portable shop and glass assortment for you at our wholesale & shipping costs, plus delivery expenses.  Our professional guidance will give you the best tool choices so that you will have only what you really need and not waste your money on cheap, or fancy tools that only sit on your shelves to gather dust.

Costs of tools, equipment, glass and supplies are constantly changing.  Estimated cost of setting up (purchasing) your Portable Stained Glass Workshop must be calculated at the time of placing the order for those items, to include shipping costs.  These costs may vary as prices change.

Aire Castle will save you approximately 30% of the cost of your new Glass Art Studio equipment, tools and supplies.

Aire Castle Stained Glass Art will save its students approximately 30% off normal retail on tools & supplies, and 25% to 30% on glass orders (based upon total order costs - individual items' savings vary).

Portable Basic Stained Glass Work Shop

Based upon more than 15 years experience, trial & error and testing of various tools and equipment, Aire Castle has developed its list of the best tools to purchase for your new glass shop.  This list of items for your own studio is included in our classes for you at no extra cost.

Our complete recommended "Portable Basic Stained Glass Work Shop", tools, equipment & supplies, plus two large studio glass packs would cost you approximately  $2,200.00 at retail, but will cost you approximately about $1,700.00 at our wholesale cost, saving at least $500.00.  (Purchases depend upon student's choices.) (October 2013 prices - shipping may be extra)

Consider this: Most families will spend up to $2,000.00 on Christmas gifts for family and friends in any given year.  Invest in your glass studio and lessons for about the same as one (or two) years cost of Christmas gifts, then give hand-crafted stained glass art gifts to all, which will be far more appreciated than the Walmart Specials you normally give and will become valued heirlooms for future generations.

~ ~ ~ Instructor's Note:  These costs have gone up quite a bit in the past few years. Also, as we tried to keep the studio items to a minimum, we found students consistently requesting additional items to our list, so we expanded the list to include those items plus a very good selection of studio glass packs.

  These glass packs give the student a nice inventory of various types and colors of glass with which to begin their studio. The list of glass also includes a generous supply of rectangular clear glass bevels to use with your projects. Tools, glass and equipment are in our opinion the best on the market.

Notes & Suggestions

Expert Tip: Check your glass in all light before you commit!

Cloudy Day
Cloudy Day Without Direct Sun
Indirect Sun
Indirect Sunlight
Partially Direct Sunlight
Partially Direct Sunlight
Totally Direct Sun
Direct Sunlight
"Glass Art Tip" for you!  This is the same project, but with various lighting conditions, the glass I used changes in appearance and illustrates the difference in "reflective lighting", partial bright light, indirect and direct "back-lighting".  This is a part of what I teach my students in my private classes.  Always check your glass before cutting to see how it will appear in various lighting conditions.

A good way for interested persons to see tools, glass, & supplies, plus learn about what great options are in this fantastic world of Glass Art is to call "Delphi Stained Glass" order a retail catalog (800-322-3336) surf the www.delphiglass.com website. Aire Castle Stained Glass Art uses Delphi as its primary supplier of glass & supplies.

Power tools are a tremendous asset for the serious glass artist.  Aire Castle recommends that students invest in Gryphon's new "Convertible Glass Grinder", "C-40 Glass Art Saw", Omni II wire saw and/or "Zephyr Ring Saw",  for intricate cuts, superior grinding ability and seriously pursuing Stained Glass Art.    Aire Castle primarily uses Gryphon Inc. Stained Glass tools and equipment.  See www.gryphoncorp.com for tool selections.

Morton System Glass Art equipment is practically a necessity for creating the best in glass art.  Morton tools take the tress out of many near impossible tasks.  Aire Castle uses and demonstrates Morton tools in every Stained Glass Art class.  See  http://www.mortonglass.com/ to view their wide selection of glass tools. 

Aire Castle Partner Janice Harris and Mike Driver work on the "Prayer Couple" project for Heartland Worship Center.  This is the cement/putty step of the Lead Came method of Stained Glass Art.

(Aire Castle teaches this method as a separate class.  Call to inquire.)


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