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Stained Glass Art

Born in 1948, I began my interests in art as a woodworker in my mid-20s building bookcases and primitive style furniture which was popular at that time.  That interest grew to involve other arts and crafts such as leather-working, nailed tin art, wood burning, wood carving and uses of several various arts and crafts media.  Coming from a very artistic family, I was intrigued when my parents took stained glass lessons around 1978, but did not pursue it as my own passion until about 1998.  During those 20 years, I watched as my mother continued to achieve great master pieces of stained glass art.  I helped her on special glass projects with creating pattern designs, choosing glass colors and assisting her with difficult tasks , but I still did not adopt stained glass as my primary interest until 1998. 

One day, I determined to jump in and start slicing glass.  My mother had taught my daughter and it was my daughter who actually taught me and my wife. I fell in love with glass art and found that all those years of spying over my mother's shoulder and picking up fine points of instruction, combined with the natural talent that I had inherited from both parents, plus the experience from years of delving into all those other areas of arts & crafts melted together to give me a God-given edge of perception and skill which I have honed to as near perfection as I possibly can.  As with all the other crafts that I ever pursued, I studied in depth, consulted with specialists and with my wife, founded a local stained glass art guild which gave me great opportunities to learn from others, exchange technique and further improve my talent in glass art. 

The other thing that I soon discovered was that I loved to teach this spectacular art to others.  Together, for me to spend a few hours creating glass art combined with teaching someone else how to do the same makes a perfect day. 

When my parents took their first classes at a local junior college, the instructor was far from qualified and did not teach them correct methods.  He did little to actually "teach" and there was no follow-up to the course.  My mother took it on herself to buy books, track down other instructors and artists, finally mastering her technique.  I was blessed that she shared all that she had learned with me and I was properly prepared to begin cutting glass when the day came.  My mother had already taught my daughter the art, so I had her to coach me as well, but nothing takes the place of the many hours at the work table, as my disability allows, practicing every detail until I get it just right. 

At the end of 15 years of creating and teaching, while continuing to learn more as time has passed, I am excited and anxious to create more stained glass art while seizing every opportunity to teach others what I have learned.  The quality of my work and the work of my students speaks for itself.  Beautiful original patterns, structural integrity, careful color choices and fine Lead lines are found in each piece that I create.  My disability retirement has turned into a blessing of 15 years to concentrate as I pursued this fantastic media of art.  To be able to share this knowledge with others is a joy that I relish.    

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