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Stained Glass Art in Kentucky

"After watching my mother create glass art for about twenty years, I determined to jump in and start slicing glass.  I fell in love with stained glass art and found that all those years of spying over my mother's shoulder and picking up fine points of instruction, combined with the natural talent that I had inherited from both parents, plus the experience from years of delving into other areas of arts & crafts melted together to give me a God-given edge of perception and skill which I have honed to as near perfection as I possibly can.  Now with that experience in hand, I enjoy teaching the wonderful craft of stained glass art and passing my knowledge and experience on to other people.  My shop is located near Benton in Western Kentucky near beautiful Kentucky Lake. I offer private beginner and intermediate stained glass classes!  When not teaching classes, I enjoy creating original patterns and quality stained glass art projects for customers.  Join me in this awesome world of beauty in glass art, or allow me to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you!"  (Mike)


Let us build a window for you, or teach you this fine art!


All New Gift Idea!

"Silhouette Glass Art - You and/or Your Loved Ones' Profile in Glass"

We take your profile pictures of you and/or your loved ones and carefully cut stained glass silhouettes to match, then frame the silhouettes in glass to create a permanent memorable portrait in glass that will last indefinitely.

Finished Silhouette Glass Art projects are normally rectangular approximately 15" by 17", or may be square approximately 15" by 15", will vary somewhat.  Colors of glass used for the frames will vary and the customer may choose colors.  Cost for one Silhouette window with two persons' profiles = $185.00 plus boxing & shipping.

Single profiles or multiple profiles will vary in cost. 

Contact us for a guaranteed price for various changes.

Red Glass or other more expensive glass used in any project increases your price.

10% Discount for more than one window purchased at the same time.



Custom Stained Glass Window Art Projects

Aire Castle Stained Glass artists will build a custom window to your specifications and measurements. Aire Castle is prepared to originate custom patterns, specific to your needs, reproduce your company logo, family crest, or other design at your request. We take a great deal of pride in our custom stained glass. We build windows of any practical size and can ship to any location in the Continental U.S.A.

Our Gallery is divided into "folders" according to various topics.  Be sure that you browse all of them.

Stained Glass Patterns

To assist other stained glass artists, Aire Castle Stained Glass Art will take your list of needs, your ideas, photographs, drawings, or whatever you have to work with and develop a totally original custom-designed stained glass pattern. Our design will have structural integrity and we will recommend attractive well-balanced colors & textures of glass.

(*Art takes time to create.  Aire Castle Stained Glass Art may offer target dates to complete projects, but will never commit to a fixed time frame that will jeopardize the quality of the project.)

Pictures of Stained Glass Art on this site are all original art created by our local artists.

No copied photographs from elsewhere on this site!



Here is an example.  Click the link above to see our entire Gallery of finished products.  Many are for sale and we will reproduce any pattern for you.

"Ribbon of Life; Interruptions"
This piece of abstract art in stained glass depicts life (streaky white glass) as it makes twists and turns, loops and folds, being intersected and "Interrupted" by unexpected obstacles, depicted here as various beams of light from multiple directions, some very strong, others subdued and all overlapping as they cross the "Ribbon of Life". Then there are the unpredictable boulders that appear in life which we bump and navigate around, depicted here with the use of "Adventure in Glass Art" Discs, various sizes of discs of bright layers of swirls of color, depicting how different our obstacles can be. (Note: Sun light causes the white glass "ribbon" to be creamy in the photo.) Uniform Lead lines are finished in antique coppery patina, polished and waxed, ready to hang, or we can frame this piece in fine oak. Otherwise, "Ribbon of Life; Interruptions" is 27+ inches wide and 33+ inches tall, framed in rigid Zinc channel, ready to be hung by small decorative "S" link chains (provided).

Price: $775


Stained Glass Classes
 (Classes for students under 18 require a parent to be present at all times)

Are you a struggling glass artist?

If you are already past the beginner stage and seek to improve your skills and technique, sign on for an "Intermediate Class now"!  Aire Castle instruction can improve your talent.

 Samples of Our Art Gallery!

(Click the "New Addition" link above to view dozens of items!)

Custom Stained Glass Art Window Custom Stained Glass Christian Stained Glass
Stained Glass with Hummingbird Butterfly Starter Piece Stained Glass Window Hangings
Church Stained Glass Windows Church Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Dove Window
Stained Glass Prayer Window
Stained Glass Prayer Window Stained Glass Prayer Window Stained Glass Prayer Window

Stained Glass Hummingbird Window

We create custom

  • Church Stained Glass Windows

  • Cabinet Doors

  • Built-in, or Free-Hung Windows

  • Stained Glass Window Sun-catchers

  • Stained Glass Patterns

Custom Patterns for Glass Projects

Custom Designed Windows

Stained Glass Tools & Supplies

Stained Glass (Wholesale-Plus Pricing)

Stained Glass Art Lessons

Work-Table Space (by-the-hour)

Custom Stained Glass Windows

Aire Castle Stained Glass Art will create a custom window for your home, business, or church, in almost any size, shape, color, or pattern. Aire Castle specializes in pattern designs that have "Structural Integrity"*. Our patterns are created in such a way that slumping** and Lead decay*** are less likely to occur, insuring that the window will survive for hundreds of years to come. We will design and provide patterns for any stained glass artist.

Shipping: Aire Castle will ship patterns and finished windows to any location in the Continental U.S. and Canada. Customers are responsible for accurate measurements and shipping.

Glass and Supplies: Aire Castle Stained Glass Art maintains a reasonable inventory of sheet stained glass and will order glass, tools and supplies for customers at wholesale cost plus insurance, shipping & boxing charges, plus a 20% up-charge. This normally saves our customers from 25% to 30% off of normal retail.

Stained Glass Art Classes

Aire Castle provides
private stained glass window lessons for both beginners and intermediates. The classes are taught one-on-one without a classroom environment so that we can better assist our students during the creative process. Find out more about our stained glass art lessons by clicking here.

*Structural Integrity - In stained glass art, creating a pattern that is designed in such a way that one piece of glass fits in a way to support another and another, and so-on, to provide strength to the window, or whatever the project may be.  Also, support bars, "strong line", rigid came and other materials may be incorporated to add strength. (These methods are taught in our classes.)

**Slumping/Bulging  - (As referred to here) The process by which gravity causes stained glass windows and other projects to "bow", bend in an uneven fashion and otherwise collapse, or fall apart due to poor structural integrity.  (Our patterns are designed to prevent Slumping.)

***Decay & Slumping can be a result of over-exposure to outdoor elements, degradation of materials used, poor design, poor workmanship, or a combination of the above.  Lead will oxidize over time, unless sealed, or otherwise protected. (Preventive techniques are taught in our classes and we provide instruction for proper care to prevent Decay & Slumping.)

The Stained Glass Guru
This group of stained glass windows are but a few of the many projects created by Nancy Driver (Mike's mother).  Mrs. Driver has a large collection of windows in three local churches located in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.  The Carrousel Collection pattern angels above were once on display in our former bed & breakfast.  Always artistically gifted, she continued to create stained glass art and teach others on occasion until her death in November of 2009.  Our family continues to lovingly refer to her as our "Stained Glass Guru".

Nancy Driver's largest project:  Original design, "The Cross", one window, 8 1/2 feet tall by 4 1/2 feet wide.  Installed at Symsonia Baptist Church, Symsonia KY.  Estimated value = $10,000 (Priced in 2007).




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